We are the perfect location for a romantic and memorable wedding ceremony and reception.

Our staff will work with you to simplify the sometimes hectic process of wedding planning by considering each and every detail with unyielding attention to guarantee your wedding day runs as flawlessly as possible.

We are truly unique as we include many wedding related services not available at do it your-self multi-purpose venues.

Up to 100 guests in chapel, 150 guests at gazebo, and 150 guests in the banquet hall.

Diamond Wedding Package

Grounds & Gardens, Chapel, Gazebo, Professional Wedding Officiant (Minister), Rehearsal, Ceremony Music (indoor or outdoor), Gazebo Chairs, Personalized Wedding Brick in Bridal Path, Bridal Cottage Dressing Room,  Venue Coordinators, and Final Cleanup.

does not include food, desserts, and drinks


Table & Chair Setup, Table Linens (White or Black), Chair Covers & Sashes, Table Runners, Stage Up-Lighting, Head Table Spot Lighting, 39” Monitors, Media Projector, Fire Pit, Venue Coordinators, and Final Cleanup (caterer clears tables).

Saturday              Friday & Sunday                       Monday-Thursday
$ 4,900                $ 3,900                                        $2,700

  • Sales tax, service fees, hidden fees: $0 – None

Off season discounts available third weekend in November through April.

Saturday               Friday & Sunday                     Monday-Thursday
$ 3,900                  $3,500                                      $2,700

  • Sales tax, service fees, hidden fees, service fees: $0 – None

Note: If a Monday through Thursday wedding is on a holiday, pricing is the same as Sunday. If a Sunday wedding is on Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend, pricing is the same as a Saturday.

What will a wedding and reception cost?

Here is an easy way to estimate the cost for 120 people.  Sample below, there are different caterers and bar packages.

$4,900 Venue and our numerous services for a Saturday in the prime wedding season.

$2,400   Bar service, unlimited domestic bottled beer, wine and house mixed drinks, 120 adults X $20 per person.   Under age 21 $7 per person.

$0           Sales tax included, no service fees, no hidden fees.  Bar service sets out a tip jar.  Venue coordinators do not share in bar tenders tips.   Venue coordinators do appreciate a gratuity.

$7,300   Total estimate for venue, wedding services, and bar services.

Industry standard is 10% sales tax and 20% mandatory gratuity.  You save 30%, 30% of $6,700 is $2,000 savings.

We include $1,000 – $2,000 in wedding services not available at other venues.   Another big savings.

Example of a meal catered for $20 per person.

$2,400   120 people X $20 per person.  Food caterers vary in price depending on the caterer, menu and staffing.  Some don’t charge gratuities.

We have no minimums, we have numerous weddings in the 30 guest plus range.

Bar Service Information     Service is provided by MVP Sports Bar only.   Click here for information

The Chapel in the Pines Wedding & Banquet Center does not provide food    This allows you the freedom to choose whichever professional catering service you enjoy most. For more information and suggestions, go to our vendors page.

Wedding Ceremony Information

  • We include an experienced wedding officiant with your wedding.  Howard and Jeffrey Petersen are the primary non-denominational wedding officiants.  They have combined experience of well over a 1,000 wedding ceremonies officiated, and have written a guide on how to conduct wedding rehearsals.  You may also use your own wedding officiant.
  • We host more than one wedding in a day, but the weddings do not overlap.  Weddings include chapel, gazebo, and grounds.  If there is inclement weather, the wedding may be performed in the chapel, the chapel is already ready for a wedding.
  • We provides professional ceremony staff to help your wedding go smoothly.
  •  The bridal cottage is included in package for the bride and bridesmaids to get dressed.  Groom and groomsman arrive dressed.
  • The bridal cottage is for getting dressed only and is available approximately one hour prior to ceremony.  All women have hair, makeup, and nails completed before arriving.
  • We set aside time slots the evening before the wedding for a rehearsals.
  • Flower petals and bubbles are allowed, but bird seed, rice, glitter, and other small celebratory materials, can’t be used.
  • We do not provide decorations for gazebo or chapel.   Some couples provide pew decorations, there are eight pews, and typically a decoration is attached by clamp or rubber band, no tape please.   Gazebo chair rows may be decorated.
  • Chapel in the Pines has the traditional wedding music.  If you prefer something other than traditional music, bring the music on a CD and or flash drive, and our staff will coordinate the music with the ceremony.   You may bring music on a CD or a flash drive. Usually CD’s work fine. If Flash Drive, must format flashdrive to FAT32 format, recommend using a blank flash drive as all files will be erased and music file must be MP3 format.  Please test your CD and or flash drive in our music system before your big day.
    Here is a link:
  • Wedding ceremonies typically last up to 25 minutes, there is time for pictures after the ceremony.
  • Pictures are taken anywhere on the grounds, there are many locations throughout the property.
  • The chapel and grounds are naturally beautiful, rarely do couples bring in decorations for ceremonies.
  • The gardens are well maintained May through October for great pictures.
  • Standard time frame for Friday and  Saturday Diamond wedding package during the wedding season is:
    • 4:15 Arrive for use of bridal cottage
    • 5:15 Wedding ceremony begins
    • 5:45 Guests enter banquet hall
    • 5:45 Bar opens
    • 10:30 Bar closes
    • 11:00 Music stops
    • 12:00 Lights out
    • Couples how want to extend these hours, can purchase extra hour(s) a $500 per hour, or 1/2 hour at $250.  Couples can reserve up to 1 hour past the ending times, music and lights out.  Bar time is up to 4 hours and 45 minutes, it can not be extended.   When time is blocked off prior to the wedding, we then block off other weddings as we can do more than one wedding in a day, but weddings never overlap.   We also offer a block of time of 2 hours and 15 minutes for $900.

Banquet Hall Information

  •  Your Caterer must be full service, licensed, insured, and professional.   No caterer dropoffs.  Caterer must provide sufficient staff, not minimal staff.  Must be approved by Chapel in the Pines.   Suggested caterers on our vendor page.
  • You may bring your own wedding cake/desserts, but ultimately the caterer is responsible for them.
  • You may provide your own vendors except bar service.
  •  Must use our bar service if alcohol is served, learn more here.   Renters and guests may not bring alcohol on property.
  • The bar service will include cups and bottled beer.  If a glass is desired such as for water or wine/champagne.    Consult with the caterer to provide glassware at the table.
  •  The five foot round tables seat eight guests per table.
  • There are many head table configurations, seating up to 14 people on stage, including the bride and groom.
  • Includes banquet hall setup including chairs, tables, table linens (white or black), and final cleanup.
  • There is only one banquet hall event a day.  If there is no banquet hall event the day before, decorating can be done the day before.  If the banquet hall is not available the day before, then the hall is ready for decorating by 10:00 a.m.
  • We do not include anything on top of the table cloth, such as napkins, utensils, plates, cups, and centerpieces, except table runner.
  • Couples are responsible for centerpieces and table numbers on tables.  The hall is beautiful, little decorating is all that is needed.
  • Candles are permitted, as long as the glass surrounding the candle is higher than the flame.
  • Chapel in the Pines includes one or more, usually 2+ staff members to assist and monitor the reception.
  • Popcorn, S’mores, and Cigar bars are not permitted.  Sparklers are permitted.
  • Bubble, confetti, string, and fog machines are not permitted.
  • The chapel, reception hall, and bridal cottage are well air-conditioned and or heated.
  • There is plenty of paved, lighted parking.
  • Ceremony and hall setup planning is completed with Howard or Jeffrey Petersen.  We recommend couples make an appointment about two weeks before the ceremony to go over ceremony and hall setup plans.   Contact us anytime with questions or concerns.

Deposit is $1,000 to reserve a wedding/reception.  An installment payment of $1,000 is due 6 months prior to wedding date.  The deposit can be split in half when reserving more than a year in advance, $500 at time of reservation, and $500 one year prior to wedding.  The final balance is due 30 days before the wedding date.  All payments contribute towards final balance.   All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

There are no minimums, sales tax, service fees, hidden fees, or gratuities added to the bill.  The fee for our venue/services on our website is all you pay.  Chapel in the Pines offers very few extras.

We do not charge a 20% gratuity to your bill as is standard in the industry,  we typically invest up to 50 hours from the first correspondence to the final cleanup, our staff appreciates a gratuity.

Contact us to schedule a tour.

Reservations can easily be made on our website, just confirm availability!

Looking for banquet hall event only (still includes use of the grounds/buildings)