Terms and Conditions for Wedding/Reception

Terms and Conditions for Wedding/Reception

Chapel in the Pines Wedding & Banquet Center Terms and Conditions

1. Please be aware that once the contract is signed, and your event date scheduled, all other clients have been refused your specific rentals and services for your event date and time. Renter will rent from CIPINC the use of the CIPINC the chapel, bridal cottage, grounds and banquet hall, on the scheduled date and time agreed upon.
All guests and renters must depart premises and grounds no later than 12:00 a.m., unless prior arrangements are made with Chapel in the Pines staff.
a. Deposit. Payment of the deposit in the amount of $1,000 serves to holds the facility for the event on the specific date and time, In the event a partial deposit is made, CIPINC reserves the right to terminate this contract immediately if the remaining deposit is not paid by date specified, and deposit will not be refunded.
b. Installment Payment. Installment payment in the amount of $1,000 is due six months prior to event. If full installment payment of $1,000 is not made six months prior to event date, CIPINC reserves the right to terminate this contract immediately.
c. Balance. Balance of agreement is due 30 days before event. If balance is not paid 30 days prior to event, CIPINC reserves the right to terminate this contract immediately.
d. Payments. Renter(s) confirm and acknowledge that the deposit(s) and all payments is therefore non-refundable and non-transferable.

2. Rules of Facility Rental: Renter(s) are responsible for ensuring total compliance with all of CIPINC Rules of Facility Rental, as itemized below and as reasonably supplemented by CIPINC at any time prior to the Event.
a. Capacity. The maximum capacity for the Banquet Hall is 150 persons, in banquet hall seating arrangement.
b. Music. Music must cease by 11:00 p.m., unless other prior arrangements are made. Music ends five hours after Hall is open for guests, unless other prior arrangements are made. Renter confirms and acknowledges that any authorized representative of CIPINC shall have absolute discretion to lower the volume of music, audio speakers, microphones, and/or any other means by which sound is produced during the Event as CIPINC, in its judgment, may deem necessary to maintain appropriate noise levels.
c. Contractors. All contractors providing catering, and/or other services at, in or on CIPINC premises, must be approved by CIPINC.
d. Alcohol.
i. Alcohol may be present during the event only if catered by MVP Sports
Club, Sycamore, IL . Renter is required to contract directly with MVP.
ii. No alcohol may be brought onto any part of CIPINC premises (including but not limited to its parking lots, gardens, chapel and/or Gazebo) other than by MVP Sports Club. Any individual found with unauthorized alcohol will be immediately directed to leave.
iii. All alcohol consumption shall be restricted to the interior of the CIPINC facility banquet hall, CIPINC patio adjacent to the hall, and CIPINC grounds on a case by case basis. Alcohol is not permitted in chapel and bridal cottage. No beverages, including non-alcoholic beverages whatsoever allowed on the dance floor.
iv. The serving of Alcohol is prohibited after 10:30 p.m., unless prior arrangements are made. Alcohol is prohibited after 4 hours and 45 minutes after hall is open for guests, unless prior arrangements are made.
v. Alcohol may be served only to individuals not otherwise prohibited from the consumption of alcohol and of legal drinking age in Illinois.
e. Police. If the police are called to CIPINC premises as the result of any misconduct, noise or other behavior of the Guests, Renter(s), and/or Renter’s, contractors or other representatives, the Event will end immediately and the Renter(s), and Renter’s guests, contractors or other representatives, shall depart the CIPINC premises immediately. Renter shall remain responsible for all fees due and owing for the event, irrespective of any early termination occasioned by this paragraph. CIPINC will not refund any monies paid by renter(s).
f. Decorating. Renter(s) agree and confirm that:
i. Decorating prior to the Starting Time of the Event requires prior approval by CIPINC.
ii. Do preparation work for decorations when possible prior to arrival, such as cutting flower stems, creating centerpiece arrangements, etc.
iii. No decorations, signs, banners, flyers, or other materials may be placed on the walls, light fixtures, or ceilings.
iv. No tape, tacks, nails, or other fasteners and/or adhesives may be used on the walls, ceilings, or woodwork of the banquet hall.
v. No glitter, confetti, rice, birdseed or other celebratory materials are to be used.
vi. Table decorations, balloons, and “free-standing” displays are permitted.
vii. Candles are permitted as long as the glass surrounding the candle is above the flame.
viii. The scope of decorating, the method, and entry time to the hall for decorating, must be approved by an authorized representative of CIPINC.
g. Removal of Decorations. Renter(s) will remove all decorations by or before the Ending Time of their use of the Facility for the Event. Decorations remaining in the CIPINC facility past the Ending Time will be removed and discarded by CIPINC.
h. Cleanup. There is no charge for cleanup of the facility if, in the sole opinion of CIPINC, the property is left in a condition where no extraordinary measures are necessary to restore the property to the condition that it was prior to the event. Renter agrees and acknowledges that in the event that CIPINC reasonably determines that cleanup of the facility will require extraordinary measures as a result of Renter’s use of the facility, Renter shall pay additional cleaning fees to CIPINC, as set forth below. The determination of how best to clean the Facility, as well as the staffing and time required for such cleaning, shall be determined by CIPINC, in their sole discretion.
1. Renter(s) confirm and agree that if CIPINC chooses to clean the facility itself, Renter(s) will pay to CIPINC a cleaning fee in the amount of $30 per hour per person. The determination of the number of persons required to clean the facility is subject to the sole discretion of CIPINC.
2. Renter(s) confirm and agrees that if CIPINC chooses to hire an outside contractor and/or cleaning service for the cleanup, Renter(s) will reimburse CIPINC for the cost of such contractor and/or cleaning service within seven (7) days of CIPINC’s presentation to Renter of an invoice for such services.
i. Food prep room. Renter(s) agree and confirm that CIPINC does not have a kitchen, but instead only has a food prep room. Renter shall not permit, directly or indirectly, or perform any cooking in the food prep room. Caterers need to bring all needed supplies.
j. Licensed Caterer. Renters must hire a full service licensed professional caterer with sufficient staff to serve and clear tables. CIPINC must approve renters caterer. Caterer drop offs are not permitted. Caterer must provide for two serving lines if more than 75 guests. If Caterer fails to cleanup, CIPINC will immediately impose a cleanup fee to renter, to be paid prior to renter leaving. Caterer is required to cut and serve cake; this may require an additional fee by caterer to be paid by renter. Caterer clears tables until the last food plate is removed. Clean and disinfect all surface areas in the food prep room, including but not limited to counters, walls, floors, and outdoor areas where caterer prepares, transports or serves. The food prep room floor must be mopped. Food prep room will be inspected prior to caterer departs.
k. Popcorn , Cigars, and S’mores. Popcorn bars and cigar bars are not permitted. Cooking of S’mores is not permitted. Sparklers are permitted.
l. Bubble, confetti, string, and fog machines are not permitted.
m. Smoking. Smoking is not allowed inside any building or structure on CIPINC premises.
n. Theft. Renter(s) agree that Chapel in the Pines Inc., Donna Petersen, Howard Petersen, and/or Jeffrey Petersen, and any CIPINC employees or volunteers, are not responsible for any stolen or lost articles of Renter(s), and/or Renter’s guests, family, vendors, suppliers, contractors and/or other representatives. Renter(s) shall hold CIPINC, its directors, officers, shareholders, employees, or volunteers harmless with respect to any claims made against it or them in connection with this provision.
o. Promotional Media. Renter(s) agree to let us use media from your event for promotional purposes with the understanding that you will not profit from them in any way.

3. Indemnity: Renter will indemnify and hold harmless CIPINC, Donna Petersen, Howard Petersen, and/or Jeffrey Petersen, and any CIPINC employees or volunteers from any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, and expenses, including attorney’s fees and other professional fees, in connection with the loss of life, personal injury and/or damage to property arising from or out of any occurrence in, upon or within premises. Further, by signing this contract, the renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CIPINC any and all liability resulting from the Renter’s use of the Leased Premises, including damage or liability caused by the Renter, their guest, agents and employees. Renter shall pay all costs, expenses and attorney’s fees that may be incurred by CIPINC in enforcing the terms in this agreement.

Renter(s) shall observe and comply with all terms of this Agreement. CIPINC shall not be responsible to Renter(s) for the nonperformance of any term or provision of this Agreement by any other person. CIPINC facilities and premises are to be used with great care and respect. By signing this agreement, Renter(s) agree to all of the terms listed above.

I acknowledge that I agree freely and voluntarily, and will be bound to all of the terms and conditions contained herein.